Services & Pricing

Residential Can Cleaning Services

After your order is placed, your address will be placed on a cleaning route. Our team will contact you with a starting date. Reminders are sent the day prior to your service at 3pm. Please leave your cans at the curb for service. We will return them to your garage/home when they have been cleaned.


Ideal for pet owners, gardeners, households with multiple members or children.

Blue Bin 2

$15 for 1-2 Cans
$5/Each Additional

every Month


Can't decide between monthly or quarterly cleanings?

Blue Bin 2

$25 for 1-2 Cans
$5/Each Additional

every 2nd Month
* Number of Cans:


Ideal for households that bag all waste and rinse recyclables.

Quarterly Trash Bin Cleaning Services

$35 for 1-2 Cans
$5/Each Additional

every 3rd Month
* Number of Cans:

Annual Service

One cleaning each year.

Blue Bin 2

$60/First Can
$15/Each Additional

every Year
* Number of Cans: