Frequently Asked Questions

Delaware Trash Can Cleaning LLC


When does my service begin?
A. You will receive a confirmation email that your order went through, then you will receive an additional email within 3 days to communicate cleaning dates.


Do you service my area?
A. If you do not see your zip code when signing up, let us know by hitting the contact us button!


I have Bi-Weekly recycling. Can you schedule something like this?
A. Yes. We have a system that accommodates all trash company’s schedules.


What if my trash and recycling come on different days?
A. We can schedule multiple stops for clients with variable pickup days.


I was charged today, but no one came?
A. You will always be charged on the same day you signed on with us, (due to geography and trash company schedules your service day might be before or after when you were charged. This also can change through the year depending on trash company schedules and holidays.) therefore the service might not be on that day.


Is this Eco-Friendly?
A. Yes, we only use 200 degrees of hot water to effectively sanitize, clean, and remove bacteria. The water inside is captured and disposed of at the proper treatment facility.


Will temperature impact my service?
A. We run all year long. If any weather conditions prevent us from arriving, you will receive that communication within 24hrs.


I have a problem with my service, who can I contact?
A. Tyler LeBlanc, owner and operator via email: Delawaretrashcancleaning@gmail.com, Text/Call: 302-310-9075


What will my can smell like?
A. Besides smelling fresh, we add a deodorizer to make that clean last a little longer


What if I miss a visit?
A. We always do our best to reschedule our clients the following day or week, depending on our routes.


Do you offer military or senior citizen discounts?
A. Send us a message using the CONTACT link to find out more information.


Do you offer neighborhood discounts?
A. Contact us directly via Email. Group rates are available.